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[Somebody's had a good deal to think about for a while - he's a bit pensive]

I think everyone knows about the new crabs now. Some of them are bigger than I am... And I we've all heard what happened to that kid...

[He trails off here, clearly angry - beating up a kid is something that you Do Not Do, especially when everyone's trying to survive. When he speaks again, there's steel in his voice]

Point is, nobody goes out alone anymore. It's not worth it. If anyone needs any help - needs someone who can fight - let me know and I'll be there.

Fourteenth: Very, Very Wrong [Voice Post]

[He's half talking to himself here, and it's incredibly easy to hear he's worried]

This isn't right - she wouldn't just leave like this! Not for this long, and...not without telling me where she's going.

It's been two days. I hope she- she isn't...

[He trails off into a pained silence, then speaks again after a pause]

Has anyone seen Blaze?

[Blaze dropped. D:]
[He's quiet and pausing frequently - it's obvious he's still thinking through this]

When we fought the monster, there weren't a lot of us, and we were pretty tired...no one had full power, either. It worked as a distraction but didn't do much damage...

I wonder...if there were more of us...

What if we...

Does anyone know how to make a seal?
[Have you ever seen Silver when he's angry? No? Here's your chance - right now his tone is nothing but controlled fury]

Whoever did this:

I don't know if you're listening, but if you are...you've made a mistake.

I will find Aerith, and when I do, she'll be safe.

When I find you...well. You won't be.
Has anyone seen Sonic lately? I know he doesn't really stay anywhere, but...I haven't seen him around.

He's okay, isn't he?
[Is that worry you hear? Why yes it is. Somebody's pretty upset about this]

I- I have a friend who's ill. He said it was normal, but I don't think that's true - something that bad couldn't be normal-

He needs help. Can anyone come?

[Hey, Flute, he's talking about Raiel. Plot tiems?]
I keep hearing about Valentine's Day...

What is it? Is it like Christmas?
[Still screened from Blaze, Aerith, and Yachiru...and now from Hamel for good measure. He's still got his mind on that conversation]

It worked.

...kind of.

I didn't get to say what I wanted to say, but at least we didn't fight...too much...but it turned out okay...

[...yeah, even he's starting to realize how bad this sounds]

What do I do now? What's the next step?


[Screened to Naoki//Easy]

It's Naoki, right? Why did you say that to Sephiroth?

I'm not mad or anything - just curious.

[Screened from all the girls Silver knows (i.e. Blaze, Aerith, Yachiru)//Easy]

[The microphone is on, but there's a few seconds of silence - he's trying to put his thoughts in order]


There's this- I think I...

[He falls silent again. Over the next minute or so, there are a few false starts, as though he's started talking and thought better of it. Finally, he spits it out]

How do you know if you- if you- if there's someone who-

How do you talk to them?

[TO CLARIFY: Silver is trying to figure out whether or not he likes Blaze and how to tell her if he does. The very idea of such, however, has fried his thought process. HAVE FUN, GUYS~]

Sixth: Things that need to be said

[Once again, he sounds pretty tired. This likely because he's still recovering from being smushed by a building. Yeah, he does good work sometimes]

I...I don't think I ever said thank you to the people who...who dug me out. A few days ago.

So...thank you. I think I'd still be under there if you hadn't-

[A few seconds of silence as he considers the implications of that]

...thank you.