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Silver the Hedgehog
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Character Name: Silver the Hedgehog
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (specifically Sonic 2006)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Species: Hedgehog
Sexuality: Um. Let’s assume he’s straight, shall we?

Appearance: Silver has the kind of appearance that turns heads – after all, it’s not often that one sees a three-and-a-half foot tall anthropomorphic hedgehog. It doesn’t help that the quills on top of his head are shaped in a fan-like manner reminiscent of a cockatiel. He also has intense golden eyes and a fluff of white fur on his chest, and he wears black boots with white, teal, and gold accents and white gloves with gold cuffs and circular teal designs on the palms. When Silver employs his psychokinetic powers, the teal accents on his gloves and boots glow.

Personality: Silver is a teenager with a heart of gold and more self-imposed responsibility than anyone should ever have to handle. He has a fair amount of determination (sometimes even stubbornness), and he’ll use it to protect his friends and accomplish his goals. He also has a strong sense of justice – if anything is going wrong, you can bet he’ll be there trying to set it right. A good bit of his strength lies in his friends, however, and without them (and sometimes even around them) he becomes unsure, a bit shy, awkward (especially around girls), and easily steamrollered by a stronger personality. He’s also incredibly naïve and easily manipulated by someone skilled in deceit.

Abilities: Silver’s main strength is his psychokinesis, something few (if any) others in his world have. With it, he can manipulate objects and creatures up to about the size and weight of a car (he seems to be fond of picking them up and hurling them at his enemies, or simply lifting his enemies and tossing them into convenient pits of lava). He can also levitate and fly at high speeds. He has limits, however; after a given time or a given expenditure of power, he’ll run out of energy and will need to rest before he can use his kinesis again.

Unfortunately for Silver, he’ll find that his powers have lessened upon his arrival in Manhattan. He still has his powers; however, anything much beyond object manipulation will tire him out incredibly quickly. This leaves any of his more powerful attacks all but unusable, and he’ll not be able to fly for very long (probably no more than fifteen or twenty seconds, thirty if he’s pushing himself) before his powers give out completely. Even object manipulation will wear him out much more quickly than it had before.

Weaknesses: As mentioned above, Silver’s powers will be weakened in Manhattan.

One of his greatest weaknesses is his naïveté – he is very easily manipulated. His shyness and social uncertainty make it difficult for him to interact with other people. He’s prone to frustration if his goals are stymied and will snap at anyone getting in his way. Silver also has something of a hero complex: with great power comes great responsibility, and he feels like it’s up to him to set his world right, even if it means constantly putting himself in danger to fight a respawning fire demigod. His inability to truly defeat Iblis is a constant source of frustration.

Finally, Silver is accustomed to temperatures at or well above ninety degrees. Coming into Manhattan in the middle of winter is going to be an incredible shock to his system, and he will likely not function too well in the cold.

Manhattanite or outsider? Outsider – from Future!Soleanna

History: (First, a bit of terminology: the “Present” storyline takes place in Soleanna. The “Past” is ten years prior to the Present; the “Future,” which is Silver’s time, is 200 years after the events of the Present.)

Silver’s world can accurately be described as a volcanic hell: collapsed and burned buildings, lava pits and cascades, and vicious magma creatures everywhere. It’s been like this since before he could remember (rough estimate is 200 years), and it was all caused by one being: Iblis, a fire demigod born of the Flames of Disaster. Silver, gifted with the power of psychokinesis and with his best (and only) friend Blaze the Cat by his side, vowed to destroy Iblis and restore his world to the way it had been before the flames consumed it. This task proved harder than he originally believed, as Iblis proved to be a demigod that respawned in random times and locations. Fighting Iblis, it seemed, was a never ending battle.

That changed the day the black hedgehog appeared. Introducing himself as Mephiles, he offered Silver what he’d always wanted: a way to restore his world. Leading Blaze and Silver into the bowels of the now-defunct Egg Base (Eggman’s base, which had somehow survived Iblis’ destructive wrath), Mephiles activated the computer and showed them footage from events 200 years prior: the release of Iblis and the one responsible – a blue hedgehog. He then opened a portal in time to send himself, Silver, and Blaze 200 years back in time (to the Present) with a mission: kill the blue hedgehog, the Iblis Trigger, before he releases Iblis.

Unfortunately for Silver, the portal separates him from Blaze, and he finds himself alone in a strange (yet beautiful) time and place. It’s not long until he runs into Amy Rose, or rather she runs into him by means of an overenthusiastic hug (as she has somehow mistaken Silver for Sonic). Mistaken identities are corrected and Silver and Amy both promise to help the other “find the person they’re looking for,” mutually failing to specify who exactly that person is.

Of course, Silver finds Sonic and fights him, overpowering him with his psychokinesis. Amy arrives in time to save Sonic from the killing blow, berating Silver for his actions, maintaining that Sonic would never destroy the world, and effectively buying Sonic time to escape. Silver retreats, shaken in his belief that the Iblis Trigger needed to die. That’s when Blaze catches up to him, and Silver decides to continue on in his mission, chasing once again after Sonic.

This particular chase doesn’t last long either, as Silver’s second challenge to Sonic is interrupted by a black hedgehog. After a brief moment of confusion (“Mephiles! Why are you getting in my way?”), the hedgehog introduces himself as Shadow and, after a short fight, proceeds to completely overpower Silver using Chaos Control. Silver, refusing to give up, induces Chaos Control of his own, and somehow he and Shadow (with the help of a pair of Chaos Emeralds) manage to create a portal to the Past. Shadow jumps in, telling Silver to follow him if he “wants to know the truth.” Of course, that’s all it takes to get Silver to hop in too.

They wind up ten years into the past, just in time to watch the Solaris Project (a scientific endeavor to understand Solaris, the god the people of Soleanna worship) fail explosively, killing most of the scientists involved and splitting into two parts: Mephiles and Iblis. Silver chases after Iblis and, after subduing the flames, watches the Duke of Soleanna seal the demigod into his seven year old daughter Elise using the power of a Chaos Emerald. Realizing that he’s being manipulated by Mephiles and with the knowledge of how to defeat Iblis once and for all, Silver meets back with Shadow and returns to the Present, where he reunites with Blaze and once again searches for Sonic (who is on a mission to save Princess Elise from Eggman).

Silver’s timing once again proves to be terrible, as he and Blaze come upon Sonic just as the blue hedgehog watches the Egg Carrier, the vessel carrying Eggman and Elise, crash into a cliff and explode, killing both its passengers. Oops.

All is not lost, however; Silver suggests Sonic simply go back in time to prevent the crash. This time it’s he and Sonic who open a portal in time, and as Sonic enters he tosses his Chaos Emerald to Silver, wishing him luck. Silver and Blaze then jump through the portal themselves, ready to take down Iblis once and for all.

Except it doesn’t go exactly how they planned. Fighting Iblis went just the same as it always did, but when Silver picked up the Emeralds and tried to seal Iblis…long story short, Iblis refuses to accept him as its vessel. Blaze steps in, sealing Iblis into herself instead. Her last request of her friend is for him to seal her and the demigod into another dimension. Silver, unwilling to lose his only friend, ultimately can’t bring himself to do it. Blaze leaves him a few parting words and does it herself, fading into the air.

The sun shines through the dissipating cloud of ash for the first time in centuries, illuminating a bereft hedgehog standing at the edge of a magma pit. Silver drops the Emeralds and turns to leave. Two steps later, the sudden drop in temperature lets him know something is wrong – he is no longer in Soleanna, but in Manhattan, with a new and different monster waiting for him.

[This is a RP journal played by yamikonumber7. Silver belongs to Sega and associated companies. All events portrayed in this journal are fictional; any resemblance to real events is unintentional.]
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